Linda Breitman, speaker, author, and minister, holds seminars on Kingdom Identity, The Real You and The Supernatural You. Her latest book, The Real You – Believing Your True Identity includes a book, workbook, and DVD Teaching Sessions. Churches and ministry schools are using Linda’s identity curriculum to inspire people to align their thoughts with heaven and see themselves through God’s eyes.

Along with Shawn Boltz, Randy Clark, James Goll, Joshua Mills, Linda can be seen on Angel Stories, a DVD set and book with Charisma House by Jonathan Nixon.

Dedicated to helping people realize their true Kingdom Identity in Christ, Linda travels internationally, teaching carefully designed sessions that are vibrantly interactive. With humor, sensitivity, and insight, she invites her audience to join her in uncovering The Real You. Because of this interaction, these sessions have been labeled “identity therapy.” Whether she delivers one session or a complete conference, participants will surely leave encouraged and with a more confident grasp of who they are in Christ.

Linda founded Dangerous Women of God during an eight-year season while she mentored young women in her living room. She continues to hold Dangerous Women Events to help women break through the glass ceiling over women in the church and step into their full identity. For a few years, Linda ministered with Redeemed Ones Jail and Prison ministry in the greater Denver area. She has been featured on the 700 Club and numerous radio and television programs.

Growing up in San Jose, California, Linda has lived in Idaho, Oregon, Colorado, and New York City. She and her husband settled in San Diego in 1997. Since then, she developed an intensified mentoring program with graduates who have moved on to be successful parents, business owners, ministry leaders, and missionaries. Linda’s husband, a retired physician, graduated to heaven in 2016. She has many spiritual children and one furry child, Fuzzball.